domestozs-startFormed in January 1985 by Tex Morton and Sunny Domestozs, the band quickly found the right bass player in Manni Feinbein. The group took over the singer’s nickname as a band name and pretty soon managed to build a loyal following both inside and outside the psychobilly scene. Their wild and versatile mix of Rockabilly, Punk, Surfrock and 6Ts Garage soon got them a record deal with Drinkin’ Lonesome Records: in the summer of ’85 Sunny Domestozs recorded their first album, produced by Götz Alsmann. Barkin’ At The Moon was released in October of the same year and was an instant success – the first edition sold out quickly, followed by a small edition on blue vinyl (which now seems to be one of the rarest psychobilly records of all time), nevertheless Drinkin’ Lonesome Records disappeared as part of the bankruptcy of the label owner’s record shop.Tex and Manni Feinbei The band went on to play many live shows all over central Europe. In February 1986, former Vibes/ Stingrays/ Blubbery Hellbellies bass player Lloyd Tripp replaced Manni Feinbein for a couple of shows – on the same weekend, Jennilee Lewis (previously with 2tone band Skaville Disease) joined the band. In the same summer the band recorded their 2nd record: Get Ready For The Getready was a consequent further development of the Sunny Domestozs sound. The 12” mini-Album contains two cover versions (title track Get Ready and Wild Man) and three self-penned tracks.

The last record (that is to say, last record for a long time…) was recorded in 1987: four of the band’s favourite cover versions were released as the ‘Playin’ Favourites’ EP, produced by Tim Buktu. In early 1988 Tex Morton left the band to concentrate on his career with Pseiko Lüde & Die Astros; Teddy Conetti took over on guitar. The band continued touring for another two years but never returned to the studio, and January 1990 saw the last Sunny Domestozs show of the millennium.

Three years after the band’s untimely split, Roof Records released ‘The Complete Sunny Domestozs’ CD, containing all three of the band’s releases, plus the compilation track ‘The Cat’ which was recorded for the ‘Psycho Attack Over Europe’ compilation.

In 2005, the band decides to do a re-union show – after one successful rehearsal, they confirm the Wildcat Weekend in February 2006 for their comeback, and play to a capacity crowd. Back on public demand, the band goes into the studio to lay down four new tracks – ‘Playin’ More Favourites’ is the logical result and is released on Built For Speed Records in May 2006. Sunny Domestozs are confirmed for the 14th Calella Pyschobilly Meeting, and will tour extensively in the fall. There is more to come…

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